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About Me

Welcome to my growing display of fine art photographs!

From my earliest childhood memories, I always had a special connection with nature: from helping Mom in our garden, hiking with Dad, to being heavily involved in scouting. Being out in nature inundates my senses; it’s simple, relaxing, and brings me so much joy. I’m as comfortable in a forest or on a mountain trail as I am indoors…sometimes more!

When I was 5 years old, my mom gave me a very dated Kodak Brownie Box camera, and I was instantly hooked. Our slim family budget kept me from snapping off many photos; the film and processing were just too expensive. So I learned the value of patience and getting the most out of each click of the shutter.

In time, as with many aspiring photographers, I sought other avenues to support myself and family, but I never lost my desire to be out in nature and capture its beauty. Along the way there were little funds to update photo gear as financial obligations always seemed to get in the way. Occasionally I was tempted to set it all down, sell everything, and walk away. But thanks to timely encouragement from family and friends, and a strong inner drive, I never did. I kept shooting, learning the craft and growing in artistic expression. I knew in my heart that photography and art was part of who I was as a person, and I was determined to pursue it.

I'm married to the love of my life, Jana. We both left our corporate positions, sold our house, and together with our precious pup Kissy, set off in March of 2016 in a motor coach, to see and photograph America. We covered 20 states that year and captured so many images. Many of these are available here on this website for you to view and purchase. Unfortunately, due to injuries received in my past military service and increasing physical challenges, we decided to suspend our traveling and focus more on relaxation and health. We landed in the Texas Hill Country in March of 2017. What a wonderful location and a great place to call home!

We hope to travel again in the future and show you amazing nature vistas, incredible wildlife, new views of popular sights, such as the national and state parks, as well as many little known scenic gems or seldom seen small towns, country views and byways. But for now, we are thrilled to be in such a vibrant community and beautiful area of Texas.

I'm so grateful for each day and the opportunity it brings. As much as possible, I will continue to capture the true magic of fleeting moments in time and share them with you. My heart-felt desire concerning photography is unchanged: to convey the beauty, wonder, and majesty of nature, and simple scenic subjects in a way that connects with people emotionally. I sincerely hope that these photos will inspire and encourage you, bring a smile, improve a stressful day, perhaps rekindle happy memories, and will always give a newfound appreciation for a simpler way of life and for God’s creation.

Your gracious and sincerely appreciated support here will allow me to continue to bring you new and exciting images to view and the opportunity to own.

Comments and questions are always welcome! God bless you all!

Click the Photo Galleries link to get started viewing. Enjoy! ~ David J

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